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Coaching Packages May Consist of the Following


  • 1x a week phone call to discuss wins and challenges, as well as biofeedback markers such as digestion, sleep, stress, energy, etc

  • Support on how to improve workouts, sleep, digestion, stress ... life!

  • Chat support 6 days per week with your coach

  • Your coach will review if you’re actually hitting your macros and completing your workouts


  • Client handbook that is 40+ pages covering topics such as: stress management tactics, meal ideas, the menstrual cycle, etc

  • Meal plan that shows you how to hit your nutritional goals, while eliminating foods that may cause discomfort

  • Calls with your coach to discuss blood work and other lab testing

  • Client group chat where you can meet your teammates who are going through similar journeys

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  • Review your past weeks' inputs to My Fitness Pal, identify what you did well and what you may need to work on

  • Macros/meal plan updated weekly, if needed, through check-in process

  • Training program with video explanations of how to perform the exercises

  • Training updates every 4–8 weeks, depending on individual needs

  • Video review of exercises, identifying potential weak areas

  • Explanation of why changes are being made to your plan to encourage learning

Trainerize Membership provided at no additional cost 


Packages range from $290–550 per month, depending on the level of accountability you need and which coach you work with.



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