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SYDONA TREGONING - Owner and Head Coach


At 16 years old, after years of trauma, I hit rock bottom. I became home schooled and was isolated from things a typical teenager would do. At this time, I found bodybuilding, got certified through NASM as a trainer, and I made it my identity. I was in the gym everyday, tracking every food to the gram and went through extreme dieting to compete in bodybuilding at 16 and 17 years old. All of the emotional and physical stress on my body eventually led to a symptoms my doctors couldn’t explain. Swelling, hives, diarrhea, bloating and panic attacks were the norm for me. It was either I learn how to heal myself, or suffer because no one could help me. So I chose the former! I am now 24 years old, a NASM trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, meditation teacher and am symptom free. I built Team HNB with the goal of providing support for others who also feel like their bodies are failing them. 

If youre reading this and can relate to my story - youre not alone. We can help you.


Lauren Bixby - Assistant Coach


Fresh out of college, I was obsessed with fitness and nutrition. Following all of the popular dieting tactics, foods and influencers. Supplements, 0 calorie foods, my fitness pal food tracking. HIIT, KETO, intermittent fasting, you name it I’ve tried it. 

I was constantly fluctuating my body weight, appearance and my mentalHealth, depending on how my body looked and people’s perception of me. 

Throughout my early twenties, I was learning a lot about what health looked like, through the lense of social media, and my doctor. Being told things like pooping once a week was fine as long as I wasn’t in pain, losing weight on 1000 calories is normal because I just have a slow metabolism, and my favorite, “just eat whatever you can fit into your macros.”

This approach left me mentally defeated, food crazy binge mode 24/7, wrecked self esteem, gaining 25lbs, holding a TON of water weight and inflammation and stuck. How was I supposed to be healthy, if doing all the healthy things I thought were correct, got me here? 

It wasn’t until I found Sydona (HNB CEO), and looked inward at my body that I was able to find the root cause and open a new door to what health really looks like. 

Now, years later, I am absolutely thriving in a body that has restored hormonal balance, a gut that knows what it’s sensitive to and a mindset that reflects a lifestyle that is truly healthy. Not any of the social media BS, or doctors that didn’t help.

And the best part is, I know I’m not alone. Which is why I am here to support the woman who is going through it, just like I was, so they can finally feel confident and secure in their body and lifestyle.


Shannon Heffernan - Assistant Coach

After dealing with chronic bloating, debilitating fatigue and brain fog, anxiety attacks and more for YEARS just to be given an IBS diagnosis and sent on my way, I knew that if I wanted to feel better once and for all I had to take matters into my own hands. 

I started mentoring with a nutritionist, learning directly from Sydona, an NTP, researching and learning on my own, taking gut health-specific courses and certifications, and FINALLY had relief. I truly didn’t think it was possible to feel as good as I do today, and this experience has single handedly fueled me to help others who are tired of feeling terribly and tired of not being listened to or validated. 

Being ignored or turned away by a doctor doesn’t mean you should stop fighting for an answer. There IS help and there IS relief, and I’m determined to help you get that.

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